Tutoiemoi will work with you to improve:


Your processes and


Your business


Your communication

Our goal is to help you become more efficient, not to make a profit.

Like you:

  • we are a non-profit organization
  • our goal is to fulfil a mission: to help you better accomplish yours
  • we want to invest in work that makes this world a better place for all

Together, let's create a virtuous circle!

Virtuous circle


Poignee de main

We offer expert consultations in:

  • organization and infrastructure
  • business strategy
  • work culture

We will create communication tools that are:

  • of high quality
  • specially adapted to your needs as a non-profit

We want to reduce:

  • the amount of time spent on your communications
  • your overall expenses by eliminating wasted resources

Our Team

Tutoiemoi is an ever-growing network of specialists in their field.
By working with us, you will connect with experts who:

  • are interested in giving back and social engagement
  • understand the realities and challenges experienced by non-profit organizations
  • want to participate in creating a positive impact on society as a whole